Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More vintage inspiration found at The Makery.

All things vintage.

Feeling a slight Christmas overdose already, The Makery have mixed things up a bit and given us a more long term project to get our teeth into. Being given a broad selection of ideas and our own ideas being welcomed I've been churning ideas round my head for days.

They're looking for new packaging designs for their creative kits, possible designs for their own rubber stamps and unique to The Makery ribbon and fabric label designs. In keeping with their haberdashery style, I started with looking at old sewing cards, books and styles.

I think the vintage look will suit the shop. The graphics used in these pieces gives a nostalgic homey feel and it's more personal then the mass produced packaging we see these days...

All lit up.

The jars look even better lit up. Small artificial tea light candles do a pretty good job of looking like a real tea lights, they even flicker.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Starting to feel the christmas love.

Here's a few of my first attempts at creating the small heart cushions and playing around with colour and pattern combinations. They still need stuffing and a few final tweaks.

Christmas window.

Following last weeks discussion for ideas of how we can bring Christmas to this years window at The Makery.We had the idea of creating something we can hang multiples of in the window to create a dramatic and eye catching statement. After the success of the previous cotton reel window display, we looked at the Christmas fabric and colours and came up with the idea of creating small heart shaped cushions and ways in which we could hang them.

Finally we decided upon hanging around 40 of these hearts, in 4 different sizes at different depths and heights.

 Now it was time to rummage threw the beautiful hand picked fabrics and ribbons they have at The Makery and get busy sewing!
Initial designs using the natural hessian fabric and the red and green colour scheme for the fabrics and ribbons.

Quick sketch of The Makery window, with an idea what the hanging hearts will look like.