Saturday, 24 March 2012


Choosing from all the wonderful, colourful designs and patterns that the Makery fabric has, we began making these simple yet effective pinwheels. The buttons worked really well to neaten the centres and add even more colour.

Spring has sprung.

After the success we had with our Christmas window display, we thought as it was looking more and more like Spring was arriving that we should come up with a fresh new window display idea. Inspired by origami we began researching simple ways we could incorporate these ideas with fabrics. We all agreed that pinwheels were a fun, whimsical ways in which we could inject colour and really showcase the fabrics that are sold at The Makery.

Mr plumes.

The Makery already has it's own very distinctive logo, the very cheerful little bird motif, Mr Plumes. This is something I'd like to keep within my designs because I think he's a great way to market their company and keep within their already sucessful advertisments.

Time to get designing.

Being inspired by the vintage packaging and designs of the old sewing patterns and buttons cards I found in The Makery, I began designing my own logo. My brief was to design something simple that could be used as a sticker, or packaging logo.

After looking at doily's and lace I began doing my own designs, here are a few of my initial ideas. To make sure I kept the Makery brand, I experimented with incorporating their logo and initials.